We offer a long-term solution to your pigeon control problems.


A bird fertility control program based on OvoControl® has exceptional utility in larger areas where traditional bird control methods, such as physical barriers or poison, are neither appropriate nor cost effective.

Learn the science behind our effective pigeon birth control.



Find out about OvoControl® P, what we’ve achieved by creating birth control for birds, and how it helps your organization.



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What people say about our pigeon contraception

OvoControl is literally the best tool we have found for the management of pigeons at large power facilities.
— Gavin Gallifant, Power Plants
Given the new federal food safety regulations (FSMA), OvoControl is the logical choice for pigeon control at a food production facility.
— Pat Copps, Orkin Pest Control
The Humane Society of the United States encourages the use of contraception as a safe and humane management tool for birds.
— Dr. John Hadidian, The Humane Society of the United States
Our team of veterinary toxicologists has evaluated OvoControl and we are convinced it is both safe and effective.
— Dr. Steve Zawistowski, ASPCA

Watch how simple it is to apply pigeon birth control

A flock of pigeons consumes birth control from an automatic feeder that triggers every 24 hours.